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Number and Place Value

including: Numberlines, Counting, More or Less, Ordering Numbers, Place Value, Recognising Numerals, Rounding & General Maths

Counting Worksheets From > Kidzone
Count forwards in twos and fives and count backwards as well.
Counting Practice From > Pre K to 8
Loads and loads of worksheets to work through to practice counting. Scroll down to find links.
Counting Worksheets From > Maths Blog
Lots of counting practice.
Starship Maths - Zebra Number Stripe From > BBC
Count the stripes on the zebra number line.
Counting On and Counting Back From > First School Years
Complete the number sequences by counting on on counting back with numbers up to 20.
Counting Worksheets From > Super Teacher Worksheets
Lots and lots of counting practice. Count objects, colour by numbers and dot to dot downloads.
Counting Small Quantities From > Worksheet Works
A dynamic worksheet which you can design for counting practice from 1-20.
Counting to 12 From > Worksheet Genius
Worksheets for counting and colouring the correct number, counting and drawing the correct number and counting and drawing the correct number of objects.
Counting Forward and Backward to 20 From > Maths Worksheets for Kids
Practice counting up and back to 20.
Counting From > Have Fun Teaching
Lots of fun counting worksheets including counting to five, counting to 10 and less/ more.
Bug Counting and Robot Counting From > Kinderplans
Scroll down the page and click on bug counting or robot counting to download worksheets.
Counting to 10 From > Family Education
Practise counting shapes with this worksheet. To avoid the advert click on the 'go directly to link' in top right hand corner.
Counting From > Channel 4
Help baby bear count the objects.
Starship Maths - Number Line Snake From > BBC
A friendly space snake to help you with your numbers.
Starship Maths- Banana Split From > BBC
Stop the monkeys fighting over the bananas by sharing them.
KS1 Bitesize - Adventure Sequences From > BBC
Download the pdf to fill in the gaps in these sequences with the missing numbers
General Maths Funsheets From > Learning Page
Lots of maths funsheets that go through various of the maths topics covered in year 1
Larger or Smaller From > Worksheet Genius
Worksheets to start with the recognition or which number is larger or smaller. Colour in the bigger or smaller number.
More or Less From > First School Years
Compare two numbers and colour in the number that is 'more' and then colour int the number that is 'less'.
Greater/Less Than Worksheets From > Worksheet Genius
A series of worksheets that test knowledge about value of numbers. Apply genius to get an endless supply of worksheets.
More and Less From > Home Education Resources
Which group of objects has more or less. Click on worksheet thumbnail to download and complete.
More or Less From > Maths is fun
Circle the group that has more or less.
Missing Number Numberline 0-20 From > Twinkl
A bright and colourful missing number numberline with an easter theme
Missing Number Numberline 0-20 From > Twinkl
A bright and colourful missing number numberline with an easter theme
Fill in the Number Line From > Soft School
Functional Dynamic Number line builder. You can choose the numbers for line and how many appear on the page etc.
Lots of Numberlines From > Educational Technology Clearing House
Lots and lots of numberlines, there are some easy ones and some tricky ones. Scroll down to find the one you want.
Fill in the Missing Numbers Worksheets From > Kids Learning Station
Check out this set of counting worksheets which helps kids practice counting to the numbers 10, 20, 25, 50 and 100.
Missing Numbers From > Maths Worksheets for Kids
Choose from 1-10, 1-20 and 11-20 and fill in the missing numbers.
Printable Number Lines From > Helping with Math
A series of printable number lines, blank so you can fill them in, from 1-10 to positive/negative numbers.
Numberline Wall Chart From > Number Line Lane
A huge printable and colourable wall chart to fill in together.
Using Number Lines From > Family Education
Children can identify where a number sits on the numbers line.
Number Lines From > Worksheet Genius
Create lots of different numberline worksheets.
Missing Numbers From > Primary Worksheets
Print out the worksheet and fill in the blanks.
Order the Numbers From > Family Education
Complete a dot-to-dot to get used to putting numbers in the right order.
Ordering Numbers From > Worksheet Genius
Another Dynamic worksheet generator, that can create numerous worksheets.
KS1 Bitesize - Forest Ordering From > BBC
Download the pdf file to help Max in the forest by putting these numbers in order from highest to lowest.
Ordering Numbers From > Soft School
Functional Dynamic worksheets that you can design with the ordering of numbers from high to low or vice versa 1-999.
Number Time - Number Sequences From > BBC
Choose one of the worksheets to download to practice ordering numbers from 1-20.
Tens and Ones From > Kids Learning Station
These sets of printable math worksheets will help kids understand the place values of tens and ones in numbers from 1 - 99.
One Little Ball: Numbers 1 to 10 From > Primary Games
Practice writing number words and numerals. Ten different pages for writing practice.
Numbers 1-9 From > Learning Page
Register to gain access to lots of brilliant worksheets including number writing practise.
Number and Number Names From > TES Connect
You have to register an email to download resources from TES. This workbook contains activities to reinforce the numbers and number names
Number Time - Tracing Numbers From > BBC
Cut out and trace the shapes of numbers 1-10.
Number Time -Writing Numbers From > BBC
Worksheets to practice writing the numbers 0-9.
Numbers in a Jar From > First School
Worksheets with numbers to count, trace and write out (0-9). One worksheet for each number.
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Addition and Subtraction

including: Addition, Estimation, Mental Maths, Number Bonds, Problem Solving, Subtraction, Pattern, Memory/Matching & Puzzles

Picture Addition From > Maths is fun
Addition with pictures and numerals.
Shapes and Addition From > Family Education
Children can practice using shapes and basic addition facts.
Use Addition From > Family Education
Improve your addition by adding up groups of animals.
Explore Addition From > Family Education
Start to see how adding up works.
Easy Picture Addition From > Maths is fun
Simple addition with pictures and numerals.
KS1 Bitesize - Pyramid Number From > BBC
Download the pdf file to help Molly get out of the pyramid by filling in the missing numbers in these sums.
Starship Maths - Balancing Penguins From > BBC
Fill in the missing numbers to balance the penguins
Visual Addition From > Worksheet Works
Create your own worksheet that uses pictures as an aid to starting to add.
Addition Worksheets From > Kids Learning Station
From Simple picture addition to addition with carrying. There is lots to help your kids with.
Addition - 5 Minute Drill From > The Maths Worksheet Site
A worksheet to download to try and complete in five minutes. Good Luck.
Adding 1 From > Primary Topics
Mental maths practice. A worksheet for adding 1 up to the number 10. See how quick you can do the sums.
Number Fact Worksheet From > Maths Blog
A few worksheets that work through counting in 2's and addition
Mental Maths From > Maths Star
A downloadable worksheet to practice mental maths skills
Odd or Even From > Kidzone
Practice the concept of odd or even numbers with these worksheets.
Number Time - Number Ladders From > BBC
10 different worksheets to help explain one more and one less, up to the 5 more and less.
Odd and Even From > Family Education
Help your child see the difference between the two types of number.
Number Time - Making Numbers From > BBC
Choose a worksheet to help starting your adding up.
Number Bond Worksheets From > Number Bonds
A series of worksheets containing numberbonds from 10 -100. Get practicing.
Number Bond Worksheet Generator From > Primary Worksheets
A worksheet generator to create number bond worksheets to print out and complete. Choose any number between 1 and 999.
Numberbonds to 10 Posters From > SparkleBox KS1
A series of A4 sheets to print out displaying Number bonds to 10 on hatching dinosaurs. Cute
Numberbonds From > Family Education
Children figure out different ways to add numbers to equal ten.
Number Bonds From > Mental Arithmetic
Look down the index to find the Number Bond worksheets, also lots of general worksheets including: adding, missing numbers, times tables
Show Patterns in Different Ways From > Family Education
Explore different patterns with this worksheet.
Math Worksheet: Recognizing Patterns From > ABC Teach
Circle the shape that comes next. Click on the link to download worksheet.
Pattern Puzzles From > Kidzone
Circle the correct shape to complete the patterns. 5sheets.
Coin Patterns From > Family Education
Groupings of coins will provide children with the opportunity to determine the patterns.
Hungry Patterns From > Home Education Resources
Circle the food which completes the pattern. Which one comes next? Scroll down the page and click on worksheet thumbnail to download.
What's Comes Next 1 & 2 From > Home Education Resources
Circle the figure that comes next to complete the pattern. Scroll down the page and click on worksheet thumbnail to download.
Starship Maths - Aging Monkeys From > BBC
Work out how old the monkeys are.
Which Doesn't Belong? From > Family Education
Children decide which number sentences don't belong.
Maths Word Problems From > Kidzone
Scroll down to find desired year group. These worksheets provide opportunity to solve maths questions which are presented in a sentence form rather than written down in neat equation.
Where do they fit? From > Family Education
Children estimate where different-sized objects will fit in a bookcase.
Problem Solving Worksheets From > Maths Blog
15 pages on making number stories and investigating.
Adding Doubles Plus One From > Family Education
Children add one to doubles.
Visual Thinking From > Family Education
Let your child begin to add and subtract using different objects.
Arthur -Maths Resources From > PBS
Great maths activities to complete with your child.
Maze Subtraction From > Family Education
Children solve subtraction problems to move through a maze.
Count 'EM Out From > Home Education Resources
"Simple picture subtraction. Count each group
Subtraction Worksheets From > Kids Learning Station
The subtraction worksheets include printable pages of problems with borrowing, without borrowing, borrowing across zeros, 2 digits, 3 digits, 4 digits and more.
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Multiplication and Division

including: Multiplication, Division, Times Tables

KS1 Bitesize - Division Mine From > BBC
Download the pdf file to help Max in the mine by filling in the missing numbers in these sums.
KS1 Bitesize - Camel Times Tables From > BBC
Download the pdf file to fill in the blanks in these sums to show how much fruit is on each tray
Starship Maths - Magic number From > BBC
Hutch can't remember the magic number for the rocket computer. Can you help?
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Geometry and 2d & 3d Shapes

including: 2D/3D Shapes, Symmetry, Position, Directions, Angles, Geometry, Coordinates

Pattern Blocks and Shapes From > Family Education
This printable includes examples of pattern blocks and geometric shapes.
Shape Worksheets From > Maths Blog
9 worksheets on recognising and naming 2D shapes.
Make a Dodecahedron From > Learning Planet
Print out, colour in, cut out and make a 3D shape.
Starship Maths - Decision Tree Game From > BBC
Choose Decision Tree Game Pages 1&2 from maths section. Who can collect the most gold nuggets with their shapes?
Shapes Worksheets From > School Express
Lots and lots of worksheets for shape exploration for infants.
KS1 Bitesize - Shape Lab From > BBC
Download the pdf file to help Pablo and Molly in the lab by drawing the following shapes.
Shapes Worksheets From > Maths Worksheet Wizard
Lots of dynamic worksheets to make introducing shapes to kids.
Starship Maths - Treasure Quest From > BBC
Choose Page 1 or Page 2 from the Maths section to help Captain Calamity look for the treasure.
Positions From > School Express
15 pages of pictures and text to describe different positions. Click on each page link to view and print out the file.
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including: Measuring, Measuring Size, Measuring Distance, Money, Telling the Time, Measuring Length, Measuring Weight

Measuring From > Maths Blog
5 pages which compare height, length etc.
Starship Maths - Monkey Tails From > BBC
Work out which monkey has the longest tail.
KS1 Bitesize - Harbour Measurements From > BBC
Download the pdf to cut out the parcels and use the ruler to measure their length and width.
KS1 Bitesize - Safari Units From > BBC
Download the pdf help Molly by cutting out the unit weights and putting the right number on the scales to make them balance.
Which is Bigger? From > Channel 4
A simple worksheet with instructions getting your child used to the concept of bigger and smaller.
Big and Small From > Home Education Resources
Circle the correct figure. Click on worksheet thumbnail to download and complete.
Working with Pennies Workbook From > Communication 4 All
Download this British coins workbook. Counting, Matching and colouring exercises all to do with money.
KS1 Bitesize - Igloo Shopping From > BBC
Download the pdf to colour and cut out the pictures and match the coins to the value of the watch, ice cream and cake.
Money Problems From > Primary Resources
Lots of Money Word problems. Scroll down the page to find the relevant worksheets/problems.The general ones are at the top of the page and age specific ones are indicated lower down.
Starship Maths - Money Go Round From > BBC
Which coins do you need for the fairground?
Is it Time Booklet? From > ABC Teach
A simple booklet that describes daily activites and a clock. Fill in what time it is.
Telling the Time From > Learning Page
A series of worksheets that introduce the concept of time and using big and little hands. Simple exercises to work through with your child. The worksheets are numbered in complexity.
KS1 Bitesize - ClockWorks From > BBC
Download the pdf to draw hands on the clocks to show these times.
Telling the Time From > Have Fun Teaching
A lot of Oclock worksheets where you have to write down the time the analogue clock is telling.
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Fractions and Decimals

including: Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Ratios, Algebra

We are sorry but we have not found any worksheets or games for this yeargroup in our database. Try a different year group for alternative content. Sometimes content for the year above or below might be suitable.
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Data and Graphs

including: Handling Data, Graphs, Probability, Mean, Median & Mode

Starship Maths -Bird Pictograms From > BBC
Choose Page 1 or Page 2 from Maths section then Sort out which birds eat what food.
KS1 Bitesize - Animal Island Data From > BBC
Download the pdf to count and make a tally list of the animals and fill in the bar chart.
Handling Data Worksheets From > Maths Blog
5 worksheets on making lists and sorting.
Starship Maths - Get Sorted! From > BBC
Star needs help sorting the butterflies.
Starship Maths - Get Set From > BBC
Hutch needs help sorting out the fish tank.