We have found a huge range of free maths worksheets and free maths games carefully tailored to the new curriculum for Primary School. We have the Curriculum overview for Maths, SATs Revision Buster as well as a Times Tables Centre

We have loads of free english worksheets and free english games carefully chosen for the new curriculum in each year in Primary School. Find out what the new curriculum holds with the Curriculum Overview for English, SATs Revision Buster and a useful Spellings Centre

All the info you need about learning at primary school. Information on Key Stage 1(KS1) & Key Stage 2(KS2), the new 2014 National Curriculum details, SATs information, Attainment Levels as well as really useful links to Help your Child Learn.

Shop for the best apps for primary learning, great age appropriate reading books, apple and google play tablets, handpicked stories and useful workbooks for each year at school - English Workbooks, Maths Workbooks,Maths Apps, English Apps, Books for KS1, Ipads, Google Tablets

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